Why organic?

Organic Such as

We initially carry out "test fields" where we test multiple seed lines supplied by seed companies; subsequently, based on the results obtained, we are able to understand which variety is most suitable for extensive cultivation. It is important to continuously test the varieties currently in use and the new ones to promote the qualitative improvement of the product.

We guarantee the exclusive use of organic fertilization processes, with products permitted in organic farming. We ensure the use of equipment that allows us to eradicate weeds respecting the standards and working to create crops without any trace of problems related to plant diseases. In case of crops attacked by insects or other pests, we treat them with systems that are congruous and suitable for organic farming.

We mix the most traditional-manual techniques with the most sophisticated mechanical processes and irrigation systems. For the corn, we use specific forage harvester for this kind of crop, in order to guarantee a gluten free product without contamination. Our machines are set with a special setting in order to avoid seed breakage, which could cause problems related to aflatoxins. Our storage system keeps products optimally thanks to constant humidity and temperature control. Also, for beans and peanuts we have the same care and attention, using specific machines that preserve and maintain the product without damaging or altering it.

The products are processed using a completely automatic process, which begins with a first phase: elimination of most impurities through the machinery. Then, we proceed with the calibration of the product, executing a second careful selection, passing the popcorn through a new generation optical sorter to ensure the highest quality of the final product before packaging. It is important to highlight that packaging can be executed in various formats according to clients’ needs.

Organic: It’s our commitment!

We have the organic certification of all our products. Our company is certified by the Bios control body under the regulation CCe 848/2018: our company identification code is IT BIO 0055137. Below, you can download our company conformity certificate, periodically revised by the control body after detailed analysis.

Organic: The control

We know that a quality product comes from quality lands, enriched by the love and passion of those who take care of it. This is why we are committed with the rotation procedures in our crops. Generally, during autumn/winter we sow green manure crops which, thanks to a rich soil (providing essential elements for the needs of plants such as organic nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, etc), also helps to prevent plant diseases. Our commitment and the strict controls our products undergo follow the standards of the most important international certifications such as IFS food, biosuisse and BIOS