For Biofactor, organic farming means combining tradition and innovation; it means to strongly believe that the past of our rural traditions contains the footsteps of our future. Biofactor is a brand that was born thanks to the thirty years of experience of all members.

Our mission

Our philosophy is oriented towards the genuineness of the product, the respect of highest quality standards, respect for the environment and the sustainability of our production. In order to implement these values, we have subscribed and agreement with the biological control system, through Bios s.r.l. The strict compliance of these standards is ensured by a constant verification of our products, which are free of phytosanitary products, GMO and gluten.

certificazione bios certificazione biologico certificazione ifs

Since 2012 we have set our main objective: To establish in Italy the organic popcorn culture. Our company is always applying this philosophy to our organic popcorn

Our Story

Our company is always applying this philosophy to all our products: organic popcorn, beans (cannellini/borlotti - black and red bean) and peanuts. For instance, the peanuts are completely sown, cultivated, harvested, processed and packaged in our facilities. We would like to reconcile the need of a modern farm with the reconquest of a balanced ecosystem. We are pursuing excellence every day and, in every detail, because satisfying our expectations is the first step to satisfy those who trust us. All this in order to create a more ethical and respectful future for nature and for ourselves, we strongly believe that we are proposing unique and innovative organic products to our customers, while we contribute with their health and wellbeing.