The first organic popcorn produced in Italy

"We want to spread the culture of organic popcorn, making people know and appreciate this wonderful Italian product rich in history and quality."
- Biofactor Team

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Our Company

Biofactor is a brand created thanks to the experience of all members in the Biofactor agricultural society in Faella Gioia and the C S.A.S. Our company philosophy is oriented by the values of genuineness of the product, respect of the highest quality standards and respect for the environment. We have created a sustainable and traceable chain of products. We cultivate organic popcorn, peanuts and certified organic beans.

In order to ensure these values, we are currently subscribed to the biological control system, through the Organization Bios s.r.l.

Why organic?

We wanted to find a way to affirm our passion, our responsibility for the earth, to guarantee unique quality standards. The answer was and is: organic!